Adding Photos To The Members User Gallery⚡⚡⚡

Some notes on uploading photos provided by Jim Husband:-


Make sure that your image file that you are going to upload is no larger than 6MB

Obviously the first task you have to do is log into the website.

Once logged in Click the MEMBERS ONLY at the top and select Gallery.

Click UPLOAD PHOTO at the top and the Upload Photo form should appear.

Fill each box down the form as follows

Title – e.g. Reed Bunting

DescriptionAs a minimum fill in where the bird was sighted e.g. Morton Lochs.

You can fill in any other info you wish into this box e.g. Male or one of a flock of 16 etc.

Category – Select the category from the drop-down menu at the right hand side of this box

e.g. aFife – February 2021. At the end/beginning of each month for a short period of time 2 aFife categories will appear at the top. This facility is there so that people can upload to the immediate past month if they have not had time to upload before the present month has appeared, without having to search down the list. After a few days the previous month aFife – month will revert to a Fife – month category. You can upload to any past category by choosing it from the list.

Select image: (max. 6.0 MB) Click on the browse button and navigate to where you have the image stored, select that image and click on the open button. The file name will appear in the box

E.g. C:\fakepath\Reed Bunting2.jpg DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THIS FILENAME.

Check that you have filled in all the boxes as you have wished.

If you are satisfied with your choices Click the Submit Photo button.

Now check that the image is in the Members only – Gallery.