Local Fife Rarities

The Fife Local Records Committee (FLRC) maintains a list of species that require a written description to be submitted due to their infrequent occurrence in the county. Where photographs are available the FLRC will also accept records of local rarities on a photo only basis as long as any photographs supplied establish the identity beyond doubt in the opinion of the Committee.

Ideally descriptions should be submitted using a FLRC form. This form is also available from the recorder.

A list of species currently considered by the FLRC is provided below.  This list has recently been updated with the changes taking effect from January 1st 2023. This update included the removal of Red Kite due to increasing frequency of records in Fife, and the inclusion on the Scottish Birds Rarities Committee list of Red-crested Pochard, Little Owl, European Bee-eater and Marsh Tit.

Taiga Bean Goose

Tundra Bean Goose

Bewick’s Swan

Egyptian Goose


American Wigeon

Green-winged Teal

Ring-necked Duck

*Surf Scoter


Black Grouse


Spotted Crake


Black-necked Grebe

American Golden Plover


Temminck’s Stint

Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Pectoral Sandpiper

Red-necked Phalarope

Grey Phalarope

Sabine’s Gull

Ring-billed Gull

Glaucous Gull

Iceland Gull

Roseate Tern

Long-tailed Skua

White-billed Diver

Leach’s Petrel

Balearic Shearwater

White Stork

*excludes adult males (unless in eclipse plumage)

Glossy Ibis



Great White Egret


Golden Eagle

Rough-legged Buzzard


Golden Oriole


Hooded Crow

Willow Tit

Shore Lark

Pallas’s Warbler

Siberian Chiffchaff

Blyth’s Reed Warbler

Marsh Warbler

Icterine Warbler

Barred Warbler


Rose-coloured Starling


Red-breasted Flycatcher

Richards Pipit

Olive-backed Pipit

Water Pipit


Common Rosefinch

Common Redpoll

Little Bunting

National Rarities in Fife

Observers lucky enough to come across a Scottish Rarity or a British Rarity should also submit their descriptions to the Fife Recorder who will pass them to the relevant committee Scottish Birds Rarities Committee (SBRC) or British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC). Description forms are available from the recorder. A list of species considered is available at these links:

Scottish Birds Rarities Committee (SBRC)

Information about the SBRC can be found here http://www.the-soc.org.uk/bird-recording/about-sbrc/ and  the full SBRC list can be found here SBRC List & Past Lists (the-soc.org.uk

British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC)

Information on the BBRC can be found here https://www.bbrc.org.uk/