General Bird Records

The Fife County Bird Recorder would encourage observers to submit their Fife records.

For those of you who use Birdtrack, these records will be obtained directly by the recorder. 

For those of you who use eBird, these records will be obtained directly by the recorder. 

For those of you who do not use BirdTrack or eBird, could please use a new spread sheet found at the link here Fife Bird Records Spreadsheet and email the file to the Fife County Bird Recorder.

The reason for the new template is to align the layout with the spread sheets downloaded from BirdTrack and eBird to reduce the workload of having to handle records submitted in different formats. In 2020 there were almost 100,000 individual bird records submitted for Fife, and this number is increasing dramatically each year.

You may be unsure on how to use two of the columns, one headed ‘Breeding Status’ and one headed ‘Sensitive’. These have been left in to allow for the way that breeding evidence is captured by BirdTrack users and there is no need to enter anything in these columns if you do not want to. If your record involves some type of breeding evidence e.g. a pair with young, then you can simply enter the information in the comments column.

If you did want to use breeding codes then these are listed below:

H-in suitable nesting habitat

S-singing male

P-pair in suitable habitat

T-permanent territory

D-courtship and display

N-visiting probable nest site

A-agitated behaviour

B-nest building

DD-distraction display

UN-used nest or eggshells

FL-recently fledged

ON-occupied nest

FF-faecal sac or food

NE-nest with eggs

NY-nest with young

Fife Bird News (FBN) WhatsApp Group

A list of species which are sufficiently scarce to be reported on the Fife Bird News (FBN) WhatsApp Group can be found via the link here. These are in addition to the the rare or unusual species listed on the Local and National Rarities page.