September 2021 Sightings

Three Wigeon E, one Bonxie W, one Common Scoter E, one Manx Shearwater E, one Sparrowhawk and one Grey Wagtail were all seen from Cellardyke (1st), an adult Hobby flew over S at Morton Lochs NNR, also a Peregrine and a Sparrowhawk were noted there, at Balcomie, in the bay N of Balcomie GC and Kingsbarns, three Little Gulls were on the sea. At The Wilderness, one Hobby and two Ruff were seen. The Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was 42 Sooty Shearwaters N, 62 Manx Shearwaters N, nine Arctic Skuas, eight Bonxies, eight Little Gulls, five Red-throated Divers, 36 Common Scoters N and 25 Pale-bellied Brent Geese S and seen at Seafield (2nd) was an adult Roseate Tern on the beach amongst c50 Sandwich Terns and 20 Common Terns, also three Pale-bellied Brent Geese passed E. One adult and a 1st winterMediterranean Gull were at Pathhead, also 85 Goosanders were present. Off Kinghorn was one adult Pomarine Skua passing E, one juvenile Roseate Tern was fishing close in off Lammerlaws, Burntisland, six Crossbills passed S over St Andrews and the Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was 47 Sooty Shearwaters N, 70 Manx Shearwaters N, 24 Bonxies, five Pomarine Skuas, 17 Arctic Skuas, 34 Little Gulls, 129 Common Scoters N, 11 Red-throated Divers N, four Teal N and one Red-breasted Merganser S. Seen at Newburgh (3rd) was a juvenile Bearded Tit W of slipway in a small patch of reeds, there were also two Ravens there, three Roseate Terns, one adult and two juveniles were seen feeding offshore at Burntisland, also present were 75 Goosanders and nearby at Kinghorn, c25 Pale-bellied Brent Geese W, one Great Northern Diver, four Arctic Skuas, four Bonxies and one 2nd winter Little Gull were seen. Seen from Cellardyke were one Sooty Shearwater N, one Red-throated Diver E, 75 Sandwich Terns E and one Grey Wagtail, as well as nine Grey Partridges in two coveys, one of seven and the other two and noted off Carlingnose Point were 16 Arctic Skuas, two Bonxies, one Red-throated Diver, 52 Sandwich Terns, two Common Terns, three Fulmars W, 12 Gannets and 55 Kittiwakes. Counted from St David’s Harbour were four Arctic Skuas, 15 Gannets, 12 Common Terns, one Puffin, 15 Guillemots and two Razorbills, the Seawatching Day Count from Fife Ness was 12 Sooty Shearwaters N, 24 Manx Shearwaters N, 26 Common Scoters N, 11 Red-throated Divers N, four Bonxies N and three Arctic Skuas and off Carlingnose Point (4th) were two Red-throated Divers W, three Arctic Skuas, two Bonxies and nine Gannets, at Rossie Bog a juvenile Marsh Harrier was watched and two Ospreys were on fence posts in the Eden Estuary LNR. Seen at Ferry Hills were one juvenile Long-tailed Skua, eight Arctic Skuas, six Red-throated Divers, 10 Dunlins, 319 Sandwich Terns, 311 Meadow Pipits and 15 Tree Pipits, with one Tree Pipit also seen passing over upper Kilminning, 12 Brent Geese passed W at lower Kilminning. Noted in Aberdour Harbour were 30 Guillemots and c30 Sandwich Terns, 18 Grey Herons were in stubble at Barns Farm and noted off Cellardyke were one Arctic Skua E and two Red-throated Divers E. The Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was 10 Sooty Shearwaters N, four Manx Shearwaters N, three Bonxies, 10 Arctic Skuas, 55 Brent Geese S, 10 Barnacle Geese S, 27 Red-throated Divers S, seen at Out Head were one Merlin, two Arctic Skuas, 11 Little Gulls, seven Pintail, 13 Manx Shearwaters, three Red-throated Divers and 15 Sanderlings. At Ferry Hills (5th) were 16 Arctic Skuas, 23 Wigeon, eight Pintail, 40 Teal, 43 Tree Sparrows, 333 Meadow Pipits, 38 Tree Pipits, two Jays and one Spotted Flycatcher and noted at Guardbridge were three Ospreys, five Little Egrets, two Pintails and one adult Mediterranean Gull. Between Kingsbarns and Kenly Water, c90 Little Gulls, one Manx Shearwater, c75 Canada Geese and two Wheatears were noted and at Loch Gelly a Spotted Redshank was a good find, with one Greenshank, seven Snipe, two Ruff, 44 Lapwings, one Curlew, 108 Teal, seven Gadwall, six Wigeon and five Goldeneye also noted. Seen off Out head were 12 Brent Geese, 76 Red-breasted Mergansers, 65 Knot and one Peregrine, whilst much further inland near Crossgates a Wheatear and c50 Goldfinches were seen. The Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was four Sooty Shearwaters N, three Manx Shearwaters, 135 Little Gulls, 15 Red-throated Divers, one Pomarine Skua N, 15 Bonxies and nine Arctic Skuas. At Kilminning (6th) a Garden Warbler was seen, an adult Mediterranean Gull was noted at Kilrenny Mill and counted from the Eden Estuary Centre were five Pintail, two Ospreys, one Sparrowhawk, one Peregrine, seven Little Egrets, one Greenshank, 17 Knot and one Guillemot. Two Ruff were at The Wilderness, one Tree Pipit passed S over St Andrews and at Newburgh a juvenile Marsh Harrier and an Osprey were seen. Noted at Loch Gelly were one Greenshank, 15 Snipe, one Ruff, 61 Lapwings, 13 Wigeon and four Goldeneye, at Fife Ness one Red-throated Diver N, 3S, two Sandwich Terns N, 15S, one Arctic Skua, 18 Golden Plovers and c60 Goldfinches were noted. Seen from Cellardyke were four Common Scoter E, one Great Northern Diver W and one adult Mediterranean Gull W and counted in St Andrews Bay were one adult Sabine’s Gull S, one adult Mediterranean Gull NW, 49 Little Gulls, 11 Manx Shearwaters, 10 Brent Geese SE, 203 Canada Geese NW and one Arctic Skua N. Seen at Pathhead (7th) were two adult and a 1st winter Mediterranean Gull, two Wheatears and a Whinchat was also on the scrub below the castle. The count at Ferry Hills was 26 Red-throated Divers, two Shovelers, one Pomarine Skua, six Arctic Skuas, 547 Sandwich Terns, one Snipe, one Golden Plover, 599 Swallows, 34 Grey Wagtails, 20 Tree Sparrows, 32 Tree Pipits and 834 Meadow Pipits and at Balcomie Beach two Turnstones, two Ringed Plovers, c10 Redshanks and 40 Little Gulls were present.

25 Sanderlings were at Seafield (8th) and from the Eden Estuary Centre one Ruff, one Greenshank, three Little Gulls, two Gadwall, one Pintail, one Osprey and one Guillemot were counted, one Black-tailed Godwit, one Chiffchaff, which was calling, eight Snipe and two Water Rails were noted at Cullaloe LNR and from Fife Ness 19 Common Scoters N, 3S, one Kestrel, 20 Fulmars S 18N, three Manx Shearwaters N, two Sooty Shearwaters N, five Red-throated Divers S, 1N, 18 Sandwich Terns 17S, 130 Gannets N, 80S and 23 Swallows N. An adult Pomarine Skua, one Bonxie and one Little Gull were seen off Kinghorn (9th), at Kilmany one female Merlin and one Redshank were seen, with the Redshank the 2nd record there in 25 years, six Black-tailed Godwits and eight Snipe were at Cullaloe LNR (10th) and noted at Ferry Hills were one Osprey NW, one 1st winter Mediterranean Gull, three Arctic Skuas, 35 Teal, 12 Wigeon and 260 Meadow Pipits. At Letham Pools were five Pintail, 10 Shoveler and two Water Rails, a Wood Warbler showed well at the entrance to Kittock’s Den, while two White Wagtails were also present there, seen on the Eden Estuary were seven Little Egrets, two Ospreys and one Ruff. 11 Black-tailed Godwits were on the marsh area of Fairmont GC and eight Greenshanks were on the shore nearby, one Greenshank, one Common Sandpiper, 10 Snipe and 16 Wigeon were counted at Loch Gelly and from Kinghorn c200 Guillemots, 14 Common Scoters, two Bar-tailed Godwits, five Dunlins, two Ringed Plovers, two Redshanks, 48 Teal, four Little Gulls, three Arctic Skuas, one Bonxie and four Red-throated Divers were logged. Seen from Fife Ness (11th) were one juvenile Long-tailed Skua N, two Red-throated Divers, one Velvet Scoter, 10 Common Scoters N, five Little Gulls, c400 Razorbills S, 12 Common Terns N, one Arctic Tern and eight Sandwich Terns, two juvenile Marsh Harriers were seen at Rossie Bog and seen from Ferry Hills were one Ruff, 13 Knot, five Arctic Skuas and 568 Meadow Pipits. A juvenile Marsh Harrier was watched at Wormiston, three Pale-bellied Brent Geese passed Balcomie Beach N and at Crail two Ruff were seen. At the East Wemyss gull roost, 26 Mediterranean Gulls were present, 16 adults, a new site high total for adults, five 3rd calendar year and five 1st winter birds were noted, four Buzzards and three Snipe were seen at Rossie Bog and a 1/4 mile W of Kingseat a Yellow Wagtail was seen on wires. 30 Sanderlings were between the car park and the harbour wall at Seafield and c2000 Guillemots and Razorbills were counted off East Sands, St Andrews. In the Lomond Hills at West Feal (12th), c50 Lapwings were seen and from Ferry Hills one juvenile Pomarine Skua flew inland, seven Arctic Skuas, eight Red-throated Divers, 456 Meadow Pipits, 23 Siskins and two Spotted Flycatchers were noted. From the Eden Estuary Centre one adult White-tailed Eagle, one Osprey, one Little Egret, one Greenshank, 200 Razorbills, 80 Guillemots, one juvenile Ruff and two Kingfishers were seen and not far away at Out Head two adult White-tailed Eagles, one Osprey, six Little Egrets and one Red-throated Diver S were noted. Noted passing Fife Ness were one Sooty Shearwater N, five Arctic Skuas, seven Red-throated Divers S and from Kinkell Braes, St Andrews one Black-throated Diver NW, and eight Red-throated Divers were seen, three on the water, 3NW, 2SE, also one Bonxie NW, 3SE, two Greenshanks and five White Wagtails were seen. One juvenile Long-tailed Skua, two Arctic Skuas, three Bonxies, 36 Red-throated Divers, one Black-throated Diver, 70 Lapwings and 418 Meadow Pipits were logged at Ferry Hills (13th) and from the Coastal Path one mile W of Crail, a Short-eared Owl was watched hunting, a Kingfisher was seen over the Tay at Newburgh, a male Merlin flew over road near entrance at Cullaloe LNR, where four Black-tailed Godwits and three Snipe were seen. The Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was 40 Sooty Shearwaters N, 21 Manx Shearwaters N, one juvenile Long-tailed Skua N, 12 Arctic Skuas N, two Bonxies N, 260 Little Gulls, nine Red-throated Divers, one Black-throated Diver S, three Velvet Scoters S, five Common Scoters S, 10 Pale-bellied Brent Geese S, five Teal S and 20 Sandwich Terns. Seen from Out Head (14th) were two White-tailed Eagles, 30 Sandwich Terns and one Osprey and further up the estuary, 265 Sandwich Terns, eight Common Terns, 3150 Razorbills, 540 Guillemots, one Little Egret, one Kingfisher, four Ospreys, one Peregrine, one Greenshank and at least one Little Tern were seen from the Eden Estuary Centre. There was an excellent sighting of a Jack Snipe at Loch Gelly, where c10 Snipe, two Greenshank, at least one Ruff, one White Wagtail, one Grey Wagtail and c12 Pied Wagtails were also noted. Two Roseate Terns, 700 Razorbills and 200 Guillemots were seen off Dalgety Bay and the Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was three Sooty Shearwaters N, two Manx Shearwaters N, one Bonxie, 10 Little Gulls N, six Red-throated Divers S, nine Pale-bellied Brent Geese, four Teal, four Common Scoters N and one Red -breasted Merganser S.

At Out Head (15th) one adult White-tailed Eagle, two Ospreys, one Black Tern, two Little Terns on a spit with c45 Sandwich Terns, six Common Terns, two Arctic Terns, one Wheatear, two Black-throated Divers and three Red-throated Divers were noted, a Kingfisher was watched on rocks at Seafield, where 15 Razorbills were also seen feeding close to shore, a Spotted flycatcher and a Chiffchaff were at Craighead, Fife Ness, a Garden Warbler was at lower Kilminning and a lone Whimbrel was at Sauchope, Crail. An immature Merlin was also seen sitting in a ploughed field at Kilrenny. One White-tailed Eagle, c230 Sandwich Terns, c90 Common Terns and c30 Arctic Terns were seen off Out Head (16th), four Little Gulls W, one Bonxie and two Wheatears were at Dalgety Bay, a lone Pale-bellied Brent Goose was at Levenmouth and at Letham six Ravens passed over N. Seen at Ferry Hills were one juvenile Pomarine Skua, six Arctic Skuas, five Bonxies, 76 Red-throated Divers, 75 Wigeon, 12 Pintail, 18 Golden Plovers, two Little Gulls and 707 Meadow Pipits, one Red-throated Diver and one White-tailed Eagle were at Out Head and a Ring-necked Parakeet was in trees on an old hospital site in Kirkcaldy, one Red-throated Diver N, 7S, 12 Common Scoter N, seven Sandwich Tern N, 26 Pale-bellied Brent Geese S all passed Fife Ness and in St Andrews Bay three Arctic Skuas, five Manx Shearwaters, two Velvet Scoters, one Scaup with a Common Scoter flock, six Red-throated Divers, 18 Wigeon, one Great Crested Grebe and one Slavonian Grebe were seen. 90 Knot, two Arctic Skuas and 43 Red-throated Divers were seen from Ferry Hills (18th), one Greenshank, one Common Sandpiper, 15+ Snipe, one Spotted Flycatcher, one Whitethroat, two Sedge Warblers, two Blackcaps, three Chiffchaffs and a Raven were noted at Loch Gelly while at Dalgety Bay, three Wheatears were on the beach. Nearby at Barns Farm, one Spotted Flycatcher and a Whinchat were seen, at Fife Ness c12 Golden Plovers were on therocks and at Lindores Loch seven Ravens were seen. A Yellow Wagtail flew over Rumblingwell, Dunfermline and at Kilrenny Mill a 2nd calendar year Mediterranean Gull was seen in the gull roost there, three Pintail, one Common Sandpiper, five Snipe, two Goldeneye and a group of 39 Little Grebes in a loose flock, were at Loch Gelly and noted at Seafield (19th) were one Lesser Whitethroat, beside the railway line, two Whitethroats, five Blackcaps, two Chiffchaffs, two Grey Wagtails and c50 Swallows moving S and from the Eden Estuary Centre eight Little Egrets and 232 Wigeon were seen. Seen at lower Kilminning, there was one Blackcap, one Garden Warbler and one Redpoll and offshore two Sooty Shearwaters N, seven Red-breasted Mergansers S, two Bonxies N, 21 Little Gulls S, seven Arctic Terns S, 25 Sandwich Terns S, 15 Red-throated Divers S, 116 Teal S, six Pintail S, two Black-throated Divers, eight Red-throated Divers, one Bonxie SW, one Manx Shearwater NE, 18 Wigeon SW, 24 Common Scoters S, 11 Pink-footed Geese E and a Grey Phalarope S were noted and yet another first for Fife, if accepted, was a juvenile Pallid Harrier seen cruising along past the lower car park over onto Crail Airfield where it was lost from view heading W. Logged at Ferry Hills were one Arctic Skua, two Little Gulls inland, six Red-throated Divers, 75 Wigeon, two Pintail, 10 Teal, 23 Pink-feet, 211 Swallows, 838 Meadow Pipits, one Tree Pipit and 38 Siskins and at Kilrenny in the coastal fields, a juvenile Yellow Wagtail and four Twite were watched. The first group of Pink-footed Geese of the autumn passing over at Auchtermuchty were seen with a skein of 14, c150 Pink-feet flew S over Kirkcaldy, 39 passed SW over Dunfermline and 19 went over Culross. The Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was one Great Northern Diver S, 26 Red-throated Divers S, 4N, one Pomarine Skua N, four Bonxies N, two Arctic Skuas N, 62 Wigeon S, 2N, 106 Teal S, 65 Sandwich Terns S, four Common Terns S, 1N one Sooty Shearwater N, two Manx Shearwaters S, 19 Little Gulls S and c40 Common Scoters. Also, one Curlew Sandpiper and one Purple Sandpiper were on the rocks and counted passing there (20th) were two Red-throated Divers N, 2S, four Common Scoters S, four Turnstones, six Redshanks, one Curlew and eight Common Terns S. At The Wilderness a juvenile Marsh Harrier was watched and seen on rocks at Anstruther was a 2nd year Mediterranean Gull, with 50 Mediterranean Gulls counted at East Wemyss, comprising 24 adults, two 3rd calendar year and 24 1st winter birds. Four Pale-bellied Brent Geese, two adult and two 1st winter Mediterranean Gulls and three Red-throated Divers were seen at Pathhead (21st), a Hobby flew over Fife Ness for a few circuits before heading off W. A Curlew Sandpiper, two Dunlins and a Ringed Plover were on the stinky pool at Fife Ness (22nd) and from the Eden Estuary Centre 70 Pink-footed Geese and four Little Egrets were seen, at Lower Largo a Merlin came from inland then headed E along the coast and at Kilrenny Mill two adult winter Mediterranean Gulls were seen amongst the Black-headed Gulls there. Seen at Out Head (23rd) were two Stonechats, one Wheatear, one Meadow Pipit, c50 Razorbills, c50 Guillemots, four Red-throated Divers, 11 Red-breasted Mergansers and five Sandwich Terns and further up the Eden Estuary at Guardbridge, were six Little Egrets, five Greenshanks, six Pintail, four Scaup, one Brent Goose, one Osprey and c1000 Pink-footed Geese over SW. c1000 Pink-feet passed W over Glenrothes in 1hr, a Ring-necked Parakeet was seen flying above trees near the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy and at Angle Park GP, three Ruff were present. Counted passing over Cellardyke were c1000 Pink-feet, with 2920 also counted heading SW over Dunfermline and at Rossie Bog one Marsh Harrier, one Merlin, one Kestrel and one Sparrowhawk were seen hunting and c780 Swallows, Sand Martins and House Martins were counted. One Merlin, one Osprey, c2000 Pink-feet, one Black Tern, at least one Roseate Tern, two Kittiwakes among the Black-headed Gulls, c350 Razorbills and four Guillemots were seen at Out Head and counted at Newmills Bay were two Bar-tailed Godwits, one Greenshank, one Grey Plover, two Grey Wagtails, one hybrid Hooded Crow, 32 Ringed Plovers and 1000’s of geese over SW. At Crail (24th) 366 Pink-footed Geese passed W, seven Little Gulls E and one Common Scoter E, three Scaup, 45 Red-throated Divers and 221 Pink-footed Geese were seen at Ferry Hills and at Morton Lochs NNR c70 Teal and 10 Whooper Swans were noted. A juvenile Marsh Harrier and a juvenile Peregrine were noted at The Wilderness and seen from the A92 near Loch Gelly was a juvenile Goshawk, four Black Terns, two adult Roseate Terns, c200 Sandwich Terns, c100 Common Terns, c40 Arctic Terns, 1280 Pink-footed Geese and two Canada Geese were at Out Head and at Fife Ness one juvenile Curlew Sandpiper was still on the stinky pool, eight Wheatears, three White Wagtails and 150 Pink-footed Geese were also noted. Two Greenshanks, one Ruff, 12 Black-tailed Godwits, five Bar-tailed Godwits, one adult Mediterranean Gull, 11 Little Egrets, two Common Sandpipers, 1500 Pink-footed Geese and 25 Canada Geese were seen from the Eden Estuary Centre and logged at Ferry Hills (25th) were one Great Northern Diver, 3906 Pink-feet, 1841 Meadow Pipits, 101 alba Wagtails, 50 Red-throated Divers, 10 Arctic Skuas, one Bonxie, one female/immature Merlin, 14 Golden Plovers and one Spotted Flycatcher, six Wheatears were on Balcomie Beach and not too far away at Crail were two alba Wagtails. Seen at Out Head were one White-tailed Eagle, three Black Terns, one adult Mediterranean Gull, 41 Little Gulls, six Slavonian Grebes, one Arctic Skua, 37 Wigeon, 27 Grey Plovers, six Red-throated Divers, two alba Wagtails, two Chiffchaffs and a Little Stint on the beach with Ringed Plovers and at Cameron Reservoir were one Common Sandpiper, 76 Little Grebes, 104 Tufted Ducks, 42 Wigeon and 22 Teal, the Seawatching Day Count at Fife Ness was one drake Surf Scoter S, one adult Pomarine Skua N, four Arctic Skuas N, two Sooty Shearwaters N, 16 Manx Shearwaters N, 300 Little Gulls, seven Red-throated Divers, 14 Common Scoters, 1000 Pink-footed Geese and at Anstruther two Ruff WSW, 131 House Martins WSW, 225 Swallows WSW, five Red-throated Divers W, two Bonxies E, one Arctic Skua, 80 Common Gulls W, 85 Pink-feet W, 15 Linnets W, six Siskin W, three Chaffinches W, three Wigeon W and 65 Meadow Pipits W were all logged. Seen from Crail (26th) were a juvenile Slavonian Grebe E, one Sooty Shearwater E, one Manx Shearwater E, 28 Wigeon W, 12 Common Scoters E and nine Red-throated Divers W. Counted from Fife Ness were two Sooty Shearwaters N, three Manx Shearwaters N, one Slavonian Grebe N, one Velvet Scoter S, 34 Common Scoters N, five Wigeon N, one Teal N, 10 Red-throated Divers S, two Great Northern Divers S, one Bonxie N, two Arctic Skuas N, 7 Sandwich Terns S, 3N, two Little Gulls N and three Skylarks came in off the sea. 14 Grey Plovers were seen at Out Head and the day count at Ferry Hills was 68 Red-throated Divers, four Pale-bellied Brent Geese, 976 Pink-feet, four Whooper Swans, two Bonxies, two Little Gulls, 69 alba Wagtails and 421 Meadow Pipits. A juvenile Curlew Sandpiper was seen on Balcomie Beach, with a male Brambling also noted there, three Black-tailed Godwits were at Cullaloe LNR and at Kilconquhar Loch were a pair of Scaup, two drakes and a female Pochard, 18 Whooper Swans and two Water Rails. An Osprey was watched at Tayport, a juvenile Spotted Redshank was seen from the Eden Estuary Centre and seen passing Anstruther were two Velvet Scoters W, three Common Scoters E, four Red-throated Divers W, a Bonxie W and 30 Skylarks E. Seen at Boarhills were a Yellow Wagtail S, four Bramblings S, 98 Meadow Pipits S, 106 E, 27 Pied Wagtails E, at least three White Wagtails E and two Chiffchaffs. Noted at the Eden Estuary Centre (27th) were two Little Egrets, one Kingfisher, one Greenshank, one Ruff and two Chiffchaffs, at Lindores Loch c10 Ravens, three Whooper Swans over S, three Pochard, one Blackcap and a Chiffchaff were seen and at Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline, two Nuthatches were seen together. A Peregrine and a Marsh Harrier were watched at Newburgh and noted at Guardbridge were two Greenshanks, one Ruff, one adult Mediterranean Gull, one Little Egret, one Goldeneye and a Razorbill, across at Kilminning, four Chiffchaffs and three Bramblings were seen at the upper end, with three Wheatears seen at the lower end. Seen off Leven were an adult Mediterranean Gull and a drake Long-tailed Duck, the highlights at Ferry Hills (28th) were 70 Red-throated Divers, with the largest flock being 16, two Bonxies, one Arctic Skua, 37 alba Wagtails, two White Wagtails and 382 Meadow Pipits, not far away at Dalgety Bay, one juvenile Little Gull, two juvenile Pomarine Skuas were seen, with two Ravens still being seen over Braefoot Plantation. A partial summer-plumaged Red-throated Diver was in Burntisland Harbour, a juvenile Marsh Harrier, three Pintail and three Water Rails were at Letham Pools and seen at Kilminning were two Chiffchaffs, eight Ringed Plovers were in the field opposite the green shed, with a large movement of Skylarks and Pipits over the golf course also evident. Seen from Fife Ness were a Whimbrel on the rocks in front of the FBC hide, 19 Common Scoters N, one Velvet Scoter S and 16 Red-throated Divers S, one N, a Black-tailed Godwit, a Chiffchaff singing, a Jay and eight Snipe were at Cullaloe LNR and seen from Ferry Hills (29th) were one juvenile Long-tailed Skua, 1054 Pink-feet, 26 Red-throated Divers, 323 Meadow Pipits, 38 alba Wagtails and 35 Siskins. A Grey Plover and an adult Mediterranean Gull were noted at Seafield and the juvenile Curlew Sandpiper was still present on Balcomie Beach, at Guardbridge were an adult Mediterranean Gull and four Greenshanks and seen from Out Head were four Slavonian Grebes, one Arctic Skua, 30 Sandwich Terns and 46 Grey Plovers, nine Pale-bellied Brent Geese were seen at Tayport (30th) and counted passing Fife Ness were 54 Red-throated Divers S, 3N, two Arctic Skuas N, 61 Common Scoters N, one Red-breasted Merganser S, c150 Gannets, six Sandwich Terns S, one Little Gull S, one Fulmar N and a Whimbrel on the rocks in front of the FBC hide. Seen on Balcomie Beach were c20 Ringed Plovers, eight Redshanks, 10 Dunlins, six Sanderlings, one Bar-tailed Godwit, one Curlew Sandpiper, one Whimbrel and one Turnstone. Two Red-throated Divers were off Dalgety Bay, two juvenile Little Terns were off Leven and the count of Mediterranean Gulls at East Wemyss was a season record of 62, which included 26 adults, five 3rd calendar year and 31 1st winter birds. Two Whimbrels and a Wheatear were at Balcomie GC and seen at West Sands, St Andrews were three female/juvenile and a male Wheatear.

Information supplied courtesy of Malcolm Ware