Members who have read the Fife Free Press on a regular basis over recent years will be aware that each summer there is correspondence about urban gulls defending their young. The gulls are often the subject of misinformed comment unworthy of a response. However the situation has become more serious with Councillor Gordon Langlands of Burntisland and John Bruce of Burntisland Community Council calling for a cull. (Apparently a cull has already taken place in Dundee). FBC member Leo du Feu is leading the way in attempting to educate the local public and politicians regarding the facts about urban gulls and their behaviour. He has given permission for his letter to the press and his communication to relevant parties to be posted in the Documents section of the website along with a couple of images. Members may wish to follow Leo’s example. If press and councillors are inundated with well informed contributions from members perhaps there will be the chance of tolerance prevailing.