Valuation Of White-Tailed Eagle Re-introduction In Fife

Members have been emailed a link to a questionnaire from a St Andrews University student whose dissertation involves an evaluation of the impact of the White-tailed Eagle re-introduction programme in Fife. Members are encouraged to participate.


Cost-Benefit Analysis of Reintroducing White-Tailed Sea Eagles

Questionnaire Cover Sheet:

This research seeks to value the benefits and costs of reintroducing White-Tailed Sea Eagles to Tentsmuir, East Fife. The cost and benefits will be framed using an ecosystem service framework. As such, values will be calculated for their impact on nutrient cycling, biological control, food sources, recreation, their aesthetic value, cultural and artistic value, spiritual and religious value and lastly, science and educational value.

This study is being conducted as part of Duncan Leese’s, Honours Degree thesis in the School of Geography and Sustainable Development.


The Questionnaire:

Initially, you will come across the survey participation sheet. This sheet provides all of the background information with regards to the study. This is followed by the participation consent form. On the consent form are 8 tick boxes, to begin the survey ALL boxes must be ticked. If one is not ticked, then the survey cannot be undertaken.

With regards to any questions about the study – please contact the contact email (listed in participation information form) as we are than happy to answer any questions about the study.

By pressing on either of the following links, you will be taken to the study:

Valuation of White-Tailed Sea Eagles


I would be tremendously grateful if you could complete this questionnaire as part of my research. Thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards,

Duncan Leese